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Dolby Unveils New Dolby Atmos Innovation Coming to TCL TVs Ahead of IFA 2023

Today, Dolby Laboratories, a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, unveiled its latest innovation in immersive audio – Dolby Atmos FlexConnect. TCL, a world leading TV brand, will be the first to implement Dolby Atmos FlexConnect in its 2024 TV lineup.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is a new feature that seamlessly pairs together a TV’s sound system with accessory wireless speakers to unlock a more extensive and immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience. It then intelligently optimizes the sound for any room layout and speaker setup, transforming any seat into the best seat in the house. TCL will also launch a line of accessory wireless speakers designed to complement its upcoming lineup of TVs with Dolby Atmos FlexConnect.

“Consumers shouldn’t have to move their furniture to experience better audio, but rather audio should adapt to them,” said John Couling, Senior Vice President, Entertainment, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is an entirely new category of experience that offers consumers the freedom and flexibility to choose how they want to arrange their devices while still getting a great immersive Dolby Atmos experience.”

“We are very proud to take a significant step forward on the future of immersive audio with our latest partnership with Dolby. Delivering great experiences for our customers is at the forefront of what we do,” said Frédéric Langin, Chief Commercial Officer, TCL Europe. “With Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, users can unlock incredible immersive sound no matter how they arrange their audio devices. We can’t wait to introduce the world to this new tailored sound experience with our upcoming lineup of TVs and accessory wireless speakers.”

Unlock the freedom to place each speaker anywhere you choose Consumers want the best audio possible out of their sound system, but some rooms are too small or too big to place speakers in their optimal position, while others have a unique layout that limits where devices can be placed, such as the location of power outlets or furniture arrangements. Not all consumers want to trade aesthetic appeal for sound performance. And unless calibrated properly, sound systems will assume the speakers are set in reference locations.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect unlocks the freedom to place one or more wireless speakers anywhere in a room without having to worry about whether they are placed perfectly. The solution is also easily adaptable when more device types are added, which will allow TCL and other manufacturers to innovate with how they bring together different device combinations and form factors to meet the needs of their consumers.

The system then intelligently combines each accessory device with the TV’s speakers to unlock the best sound performance and deliver a Dolby Atmos sound experience tailored to their home. With Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, listeners will be drawn deeper into their favorite entertainment, fully immersing

them in sound through the simplicity of their TV’s sound system and complementing speakers.

The benefits of Dolby Atmos FlexConnect include:

  • Elevate an already immersive Dolby Atmos experience: Dolby Atmos takes entertainment to the next level, immersing audiences in astonishing, multi-dimensional sound. With Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, consumers can unlock the ability to add accessory wireless speakers to their Dolby Atmos-enabled TV to elevate their system’s audio performance one step further.
  • Incredible audio with any speaker placement– Gain the flexibility to place speakers anywhere it’s convenient and make the best use of room dimensions, power outlet locations, and furniture arrangements as desired without compromising audio quality.
  • Simple setup– Setup is simple and fast, requiring no additional equipment or cables. Dolby acoustic mapping leverages microphones in the TV to locate each wireless speaker in the room, calibrating the system automatically to ensure optimal audio performance.
  • Dynamic audio balancing– Audio is intelligently spread from the TV speakers to each wireless speakers, dynamically optimizing the sound signal based on the capabilities and location of all available speakers. This allows the sound image to be adjusted to ensure listeners are always enjoying best-in-class performance.

Dolby and TCL will be showcasing Dolby Atmos FlexConnect at IFA, which will be powered by MediaTek’s Pentonic Smart TV series chipset.

To discover more about the collaboration between Dolby and TCL, watch TCL’s 2023 Global Flagship Product Launch on August 29th at 05:30 IST on YouTube (@TCLElectronics).

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